Board Members

Kerrie Ferrari, active President for Angel Wings.
Previously worked for Juvenile Office as a Juvenile Officer. She now is over the Alternative School in Mexico, MO. Kerrie has a vital role in the court system and understanding of the Juvenile needs and understanding of the court system. She is an asset to Angel Wings in aiding in information and legal information pertaining to Juvenile needs.

Jennifer Chism, active board member for Angel Wings.
Current circuit supervisor for Audrain, Warren, Montgomery County. Jennifer is a vial member of the board to help aid in foster care rules and regulations. She has been a great resource of want foster kids need and how to help them most efficiently.

Chris Newbrough, active board member for Angel Wings and marketing and grant coordinator for Audrain County Health Department.
Chris’s understanding of grand writing and resources in the community has made it possible for us to obtain our current location. His passion for seeing through projects and assisting in Angle Wings continued needs has made him an asset to us.

Barbara Smith, active Secretary for Angel Wings and works for SSM Health Care in Mexico, MO.
She is the sister of Jody Dishman and understands the importance of Angel Wings. She has adopted a daughter through private adoption from a mother who went through foster care. Barbara understands the importance of Angel Wings to the foster care community and has been a vital board member. Not only as secretary but also support to myself and a knowing member to take care of things if something should happen to Jody.

Robbie Reed, active treasure for Angel Wings and owner of Central Metals Recycling.
Robbie’s business experience and love for children was a great fit for Angel Wings. His resources through recycling and venders has helped in so many was. He’s ability to work through problems and keep things moving has made him an asset to us.